As well as being bicycle comp manufacturers, we are a riders. It’s common in training or race broken components due to a fall. So we have decided to start the Alpitude crash replacement (ACR) program.  Within the 2 year warranty, every Alpitude components are under ACR program and can be replaced with a special conditions.


This program is provided for all Alpitude customers. Second hand users are exluded from this warranty. In the case of a model change, Alpitude will replace the damage products with a similar component.

until 1 year after purchase—> 35% of discount

until 2 year after purchase—>30% of discount

until 3 years after purchase—> 25% of discount


To access at ACR program contact directly Alpitude at hello[at] Send us an email with images and description of tha damage. In just 1-2 weeks we will evaluate your damage and the product will be replaced with a new one. A paypack of purchase price is no possible, and also a different size or variant.


Keep me posted!

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