From only 13.5 grams, here’s the state of the art for carbon bike mounts with integrated handlebars.


One mount, multiple devices. Stelvio Corretto carbon bike mount will be a durable product. Thanks to the 4-lock holes every customers can choose their favorite GPS device/computers: Garmin, Wahoo, Polar and others.

Integrated handlebars compatibility

Stelvio Corretto is available for many integrated handlebars on the market: FSA Plasma, Pro Stealth Evo, Cinelli RAM 2, Chapter 2 Mana, Ritchey WCS Solostream, Most F12 Talon Ultra, Cervelo S5, THM Frontale, Vision Metron 5D 6D ACR, Cannondale LAB71, BMC SRL01, Canyon CF SL / CP0018, Wilier Filante 0/Zero Bar, Darimo Nexum

Super tough carbon structure

Each mount is handcrafted at our workshop using a new carbon concept. Never settle.

Lights or camers? Choose combo kit option

with less than 3 grams in addition, is the lighest mount + combo mount for integrated handlebars in the world. Patented system to achive the lower weight as possible.


The Stelvio Corretto carbon bike mount is designed to be compatible with the majority of handlebars currently available on the market. You can easily check the compatibility of your handlebar below. In case you cannot find your handlebar model, please do not hesitate to contact us. We can create a custom holes configuration for new models.


Universal model 14 grams (screw exluded) +-5 %

Cervelo S5 model: 13,5 grams (small version screw exluded) version +-5 % / 15 grams +-5% for Normal lenght.

Most Talon Ultra model: 17 grams (Al adapter included, screw exluded) +-5 %

Metron 5D 6D ACR model: 15,4 grams (adapter included screw exluded) +-5 %

THM Frontqle model: 16 grams (screw exluded) +-5 %

Integrated handlebar compatibility:

Universal: With large slot for M5 bolts it can be installed on FSA Plasma, Pro Stealth Evo, Cinelli RAM 2, Chapter 2 Mana, Ritchey WCS Solostream, Wilier Filante 0/Zero Bar and many others. Questions? Feel free to drop us an email. Available in one lenght.

THM Frontale: designed only for THM integrated handlebar. Available in one lenght.

Vision Metron 5D 6D ACR: Designed only for Metron 5D 6D ACR integrated handlebars. Available in one lenght.

Cervelo S5: Designed only for Cervelo HB14 integrated handlebars (V- shape). Available in two lenghts small (until 80 mm device lenght) and normal.

Pinarello F12 Most Talon Ultra: Designed only for Most Talon Ultra integrated handlebar. Available in two lenghts small (until 80 mm device lenght) and normal.

Cannondale LAB71: designed only for Momo Bar – one lenght

BMC SRL01: Designed only for BMC handlebar – one lenght

Canyon CF SL / CP0018: Designed for Canyon handlebar (except for H11, H36 & CP08) – one lenght

Stems not compatible yet: Scott integrated handlebars, Deda Alanera, Alpinist

Light, but is it strong & safe? Stelvio Corretto mounts has passed several tests: static and road phase. We use only the best materials and technic to make this product. High strenght carbon fiber is mixed with a tough resin to make Stelvio. Also the machined parts are made with 7075 and 6061 alloys. The hallow structure is designed to achive the max strenght but at the same time maintain a lower weight.

Which devices are supported? Stelvio Corretto can hold small devices and bigger devices as garmin 1030, choose small lenght for devices with less than 80 mm of lenght.