Gastro Tour put together two pillars of the italian culture: cycling and good food. If you have a passion for cycling but you also appriciate eating well, this is just for you. Even those who are not perfectly trained can take part in it since the tracks are medium or low difficulty and you can take an easy speed among. The wonderful landscapes of Garda lake and the sorrounding mountians. At the end of each stage you will be offered tasting of the best “trentini” and “Sudtirol” dishes togheter with classic italian food. Every stages takes between 50  an 80 km with a difference altitude between 500 and 1200m.

What include

  • 5 nights Hotel accomodation + breakfast + restaurant meal (double room)
  • on-road food
  • pro custom wear kit
  • Airport-hotel transfer (from Verona Airport)
  • Expert Cyclist Guide support
  • Gruppetto veichle support
  • spare part support

On request

  • pro bike rental
  • single accomodation option

The route

100 km - 700m

very flat stage in the Valle dell’Adige


90 km - 1200m

1100m of max altitude with a easy climb


80 km - 2000m

1750m of max altitude with two mid climbs


75 km - 1600m

1650m of max altitude with 3 mid-lenght climbs


80 km - 1500m

1000m of max altitude with a pair of midium climbs


Price: 2350€

500€ deposit

bike rental: 50€  per day

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