Tech specifications

Lenght: 245 mm short fit design

Width: 140mm

Rails: 7×9 mm 

External layup: Limited edition 

Max rider weight: 85 kg

Max rail tighten: 6 Nm

Weight: 72 gr +-5%


Intended use: road cycling only

Discover all features about Gardena carbon saddle

Gardena saddle – Giro 107

Introducing the limited edition Gardena saddle for Giro no. 107 – 2024. This saddle is crafted using two different types of fibers to provide an exclusive and unique touch.

Each saddle is numbered and laser-etched on the rear bridge, making it easily identifiable and distinct from all other saddles.

Only 30 units are available in the world. You can find Gardena Giro Limited edition also at: R2 Bikes, Lab306, T3 Team Turtle & Cycling Botique.

We also offer a Combo kit & Varia mount, which you can purchase here.


Gardena saddle – Giro 107
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