One mount, multiple devices. Stelvio mount will be a durable product. Thanks to the 4-lock holes every customers can choose their prefer computer: Garmin, Polar, Omata or Wahoo.


Thanks to the hallow structure, Stelvio out-front mount achive only 15 grams of weight. Stelvio is made with high-strenght carbon fiber and 7075 alloy. Very light weight but also very strong!


In the market there are many stems, but every devices must stay in the center line. Thanks to a buttomhole you can install Stelvio mount in a wide range of stems.


Such as every product of our company, is hanmade in our workshop. Yes, we believe in handcrafted method combined with the latest technologies available on the market.


Weight: 15 grams (Stelvio), 14 grams (Stelvio Ristretto) (excl. Ti screw & spacer) +- 10%

Type of inserts: Garmin, Polar (only V650-M450), Wahoo

Sizes: Short 79 mm, Normal 89 mm

Stems compatibility: from 22 mm up to 36 mm of bolts pitch (Stelvio), 9 mm (Stelvio Ristretto)

into the box: Stelvio out-front mount, PA insert, Titanium screw, spacer, washer




Which stems are compatible with Stelvio Mount?

Stelvio out-front mount is compatible with the most stems actually on the market. Basically could be installed in stems with a bolts pitch (center-to-center) from 22 mm up to 36 mm. The head screw of your stem must be in the front badge.

Stems not compatible: THM Tibia stem, Extralite hyperstem, AX lightness stems, Fizik Cyrano stem

Can be installed on stems with a small gap between screws?

Yes! the new Stelvio Ristretto version, only for 9 mm bolt pitch screws (center – center).  Check it out

Light, but is it strong & safe?

Stelvio has passed several tests: static and road phase. We use only the best materials and technic to make this product. High strenght carbon fiber is mixed with a tough resin to make Stelvio. Also the machined parts are made with 7075 and 6061 alloys. The hallow structure is designed to achive the max strenght but at the same time maintain a lower weight.

Two sizes, which devices are supported?

Stelvio comes in two sizes to fit properly with the most devices actually on the market.

Stelvio Normal has the correct legnth for big devices such as: Garmin 1030, Garmin 1000, Polar V650.

Stelvio Short has the correct legnth to fit medium&small devices, basically all devices under 85 mm.


This two measure are made to reduce the gap between your device and handlebar.

Go pro camera & lights option are avaible?

Very very soon, stay in tuned on newsletter or instagram profile!

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