Superleggero cage is here!

Finally, after several months of tests we have released a new increadible cage: Superleggero.

If you thought that Ultra bottlecage was so minimal, this new one is super-minimal! The thickness of the carbon body is cutted by an half rather Ultra model. The weight (with leg, without screws) is 9,5 grams. The main body weight only 8 grams. Such as Ultra model, Superleggero cages is handcrafted in a unique monocoque piece and screw-holes are co-molded, so any drills on this beauty. Only the best carbon fibre type is use on this cage.

Every Superleggero is handcrafted by our hands in our little workshop in the middle of Dolomites.

A pair of black titanium screws complete the premium package of Superleggero.

Avaible from now on our web store or at our reseller’s shops.


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