Tech specifications

Lenght: 245 mm short fit design

Width: 128 mm, 140mm, 150 mm

Rails: 7×9 mm 

External layup: 3K twill, UD, 1K, 6K

Max rider weight: 85 kg

Max rail tighten: 6 Nm


128 mm – 3k twill 69 gr +-5%, +5gr for UD, 1K, 6K version

140 mm – 3k twill 73 gr +-5%, +5gr for UD, 1K, 6K version

150 mm – 3k twill 76 gr +-5%, +5gr for UD, 1K, 6K version  

Intended use: road cycling only

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Gardena saddle

Upgrade your cycling experience with a cutting-edge carbon saddle designed for weight-conscious and modern riders alike. This sleek and compact saddle is perfect for those seeking a lightweight option that doesn’t skimp on performance. Don’t let a heavy saddle weigh you down – choose the short fit nose carbon saddle for maximum comfort and speed.”

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Gardena saddle
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