Tech specifications

Lenght: 245 mm short fit design

Width: 130 mm  (142 mm coming soon / contact us via email to get more info)

Rails: 7×9 mm

External layup: 3K twill, UD, 1K

Max rider weight: 95 kg

Max rail tighten: 6 Nm


130 mm – 3k twill 74 gr +-5%, +5gr for UD, 1K version


Discover all Navene features

Navene carbon saddle

Designed and tested in over 3 years in race fields around Europe.

Light weight and flexible wings for maximum ride comfort.

Short fit geometry and bold edges design.

100% Handcrafted in Italy.


Product in pre-order / Estimated shipping date within 25 working days


Navene carbon saddle
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