We produce carbon gps holder from 2016. Stelvio HS is our most cutting edge carbon mount dedicated to modern handlebars.

We designed it from scratch to achive the best compromise of light weight and realibility. Stelvio HS comes with an amazing carbon fibre body handmade one at time ad cured with tremendous pressures which make the product very strong.

Coming in one size, so even if you decide to change GPS device in the future you won’t have to change the mount.

Combo kit available to get the lighest solution on the market thanks to our patented parts.


Fully compatible with Garmin 1030/1040


Available for this handlebars/stems:

Roval Rapide   –  from 19 grams  +-5%

Roval Alpinist   –  from 19 grams  +-5%

Deda Alanera  –  from 25 grams  +-5%

THM Tibia   –  from 21 grams  +-5%

Specialized SL7   –  from 21 grams  +-5%

more are yet to come…

Stelvio HS x SL7 and Alpinist

Superlight weight carbon fibre mount for Roval Alpinist, Rapide, Deda Alanera, THM Tibia and SL7

100% handcrafted, 100% carbon fibre

Pre-orders are open. Estimated shipping date is 30 days.

110,00 130,00 

Stelvio HS x SL7 and Alpinist
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